For newbies , first play Guild Wars 2 and in the low level map , always hold the question is how I can level up faster . But it seems Guild Wars 2 was designed not that easy to level up , which cause we can’t meet the request of next map when we finish the current one . For this trouble , I think the newbies don’t know the craft stuffs .

Well , you will got around 2 guild wars 2 gold when you finish the first map , and you actually can use it to so many things to help you level up . If you just level up by killing foes and finish the map , you can’t ding enough level to meet the request of next map except you start your crafting and gathering .

You can go to the craft place station to check the craft stuffs , try to gather something required , when you crafting level up , you will got more experience too . Then you may know that is why we can’t ding enough level to meet the request of next map .

As for gw2 gold in craft , you can see the tip in craft station . You can buy craft material when you don’t have the required material or not enough . That is the exact time to buy it in trade post . Anyway , if you are still troubled by this kind of problem , you’d better try this .

Be patient and smart in Guild Wars 2

If you want to level up quickly in Guild Wars 2 , you would better take someone who can party with you and take you finish the tasks that require high level . But if you play it alone , you must be patient and smart in Guild Wars 2 . We all know there are so many zone in a map which divided into depends on level . It means , if you are level 10 , you’d better stay in your area , do your tasks and look forward the level up . That is why we can see the red sign marked required level near the task .

Well , I don’t mean that we can’t take a risk and go and accept the task requires higher level . My advice is don’t go to the task that required level is more than 4 level than your level .

As for the task that required level is within 3 higher than you level , you have to be smart . Don’t fight with more than one foes is secure for you , and you also need to ready to escape anytime . But it actually dangerous for you except you have a companion with .

You will also need to be patient when you have something you want , weapons or amours , farming guild wars 2 gold is somehow boring . You have to be patient and efficient .

But good news is you can buy gw2 gold if you have enough money which you are willing to spend . It is most convenient way for all of us , save time and energy . It is not cheating and many players prove it right that no account banning . Hope you enjoy Guild Wars 2 .

The tough thing in Guild Wars 2

When we play Guild Wars 2 , we enjoy the great fun the game bring us , and we also will always face the tough things . There are a lots of tough things on the way from we start Guild Wars 2 . So , today let us list the tough things in Guild Wars 2 .

The first tough thing exactly happens in first map . The reason why it is so tough because we just can’t get through easily . This is a feature of Guild Wars 2 , not that easy through the game . The level always does not meet the request of next  tasks , which make it boring and annoying because we have to kill the same foes again and over again to ding levels for meeting the request .

The second tough thing will happen when you finish the first map , because you will find there is not a map that suits you because of your level . You will be around 14 to finish the first map . But this is far away from the request of second map . If you don’t wanna be killed easily at the second map , you will do the old events and kill foes for level again .

Well , the third tough thing is lack of enough guild wars 2 gold . Yes , we will never keep pace with the speed of item updated . So we have to farm again and over again for the dropped coins and materials for selling .

Above all are the troubles we met in Guild Wars 2 , as for the first third thing , it actually not a problem if you wanna spend your money on gw2 gold . It seems a trend for Guild Wars 2 RMT , Because everyone have their way to measure the happiness of Guild Wars 2 .

The Guild Wars 2 hometown

If you ask where is the hometown of Guild Wars 2 , we will tell you , queensdale is the hometown of Guild Wars 2 . the beautiful place is first place we enjoy the fantastic game , and our ways of chase the dream start here . It is the easiest place but for most of players , this is the touchest place ever .

You must achieve level 15 at least to finish the queensdale alone , but if you have companions , you will finish it lower level . You will got 3 guild wars 2 gold when you finish it . During this period you will learn how to craft and start hang around the trade company to buy some stuffs .

The Taminn will be the foes who troubles you most , you will finish the task in Taminn foothill . And you will find even you finish all the point as you can , but you still can’t defeat the some task that requires high level but we just don’t make it , so we have to go to events to earn experience again and over again .

But at queensdale , you will first time start to feel the fight underwater , but not much . Anyway , I think the queensdale is a place for training , a strict training , you have to pass it before you go further and even you don’t have gw2 gold , don’t have much experience but queensdale is tough enough for a new player and also a fantastic start of Guild Wars 2 .

The tips about Guild Wars 2

When you start to play Guild Wars 2 , you must be a daring adventurer , and chellenge every monster in the map even some of them are more power but you just neglect the the number on the top of the monster .

Well , for a new and low level Guild Wars 2 character , you have to learn to how to play it by using different feature of Guild Wars 2 . For expensive Guild Wars 2 items , you can buy guild wars 2 gold instead of of farming , so you just break the time and energy limit .

For high level monster , you can ask friends and strangers for help . You can also join the task the finish it that is beyond your ability . and actually some tasks are really time wasting , you can also ask your friends to join and finish together to save your time .

For dangerous , when you first play Guild Wars 2 , everywhere is dangerous and you have to learn to run . You can challenge the foes who is little bit higher level than you if you are confident enough for your conduction but you’d better run fast when more than one higher level foes to fight with you together . Remember , never touch a foes who is 4 level higher than you or you will waste your money for waypoint .

For craft , at first , all you have to do is gathering , gathering everything you need and go to craft play to put it in . Don’t forget to earn achievement poin , which will help you got gw2 gold .

Learn to use evade in Guild Wars 2

If you are used to fighting in Guild Wars 2 , you will know how important the conduction is , and also will know how important the evade is . One of feature of Guild Wars 2 is the active conduct , move fast , fight fast , then finish it all fast . So evade is really important for Guild Wars 2 players , you can sometimes kill the guild wars 2 gold players who have great awesome weapons if you play smart .

The smart way we always see , is run and fight . We can see that sometimes in PVP video is a ranger go around and attack a warrior who just can’t do something in return .

The biggest problem is not we can’t defeat them , but how to defeat them . And we have to learn it from everytime we farm gw2 gold and everytime we do a mission , the key of evade is estimation , and it require us to estimate when our enemies are going to attack , and double click right or left quickly . The evade is also a way to escape from siege , you have to run away if you face more than one enemies .

But the best way to practice is in black lion , because the PC is not real person .

Guild Wars 2 facebook activity


Arenanet this time wanna boost Guild Wars 2 , as we can see , the Guild Wars 2 news wanna gather 100 million like . The final time is end of the July , if we can see 100 million like on Guild Wars 2 facebook page , that means we can get reward that is great item even cant be bought by guild wars 2 gold .

When the news published , the fans start to ask friends for help like the page for the item , and now we can see the guild wars 2 has got more than 1 million like , and also , I will introduce my friends to like first , then I leave message one by one to explain all of it for help .

I have to say it is a great marketing Guild Wars 2 has been doing . First reason , they need items , because the constant update become harder and harder , and most of Guild Wars players don’t have enough gw2 gold to buy good items . The another reason is they Guild Wars 2 this time can attract more players , because friends will talk about it for why ask me to like it and you will also introduce that Guild Wars 2 is a awesome game for whatever reason . Anyway , there is still 70 thousands and something for 1 million , let us do it ! 

The necessary Guild Wars 2 gold

Money is not all of our life , we will lose all of our life without money . It is a truth that we all know , and it is same in guild wars 2 . With the level higher , our request for guild wars 2 gold will be stronger . I think the profession training is the first time we notice the importance of the money .

The new items in gem store makes me want , the gold is used everywhere , such as items , auction and so on . One of player told me that the people who buy it is want legendary weapons . And actually seldom people can farm it by themselve and buy gw2 gold become the best way to achieve them .

The another reason , the events now become harder , so we have to gear ourselves up to conquer missions . And a good weapon will help you much whatever in guild wars 2 mission or PVP . Above all are the reasons why guild wars 2 gold is so necessary for guild wars 2 players . But if you have enough time , farm it in constant events is a good choice too .

New Guild Wars 2 items and players

We all like guild wars 2 new events updated , so everytime new events came , which will always be with the brand new items updated , it is a good and bad news too . The good side is because we can go around the gem store , and check how great the new items are . For the bad side is we can just see it if we don’t have enough guild wars 2 gold .

Farm or buy it ? that is a question . But for most people , they just see it and try as they could to get what they want . But actually , for the guys who wanna the legendary weapons , money is really important now . Because they will choose buy gw2 gold . It is not cheat for me , everyone used their different way to touch the game . And my advice for normal guys , you just go to WVW , better than PVP , because in WVW , you will howsome got some mates who are good conduct with the awesome weapons .

And for the money players , please dont fight with normal players , we can use our money to gear ourselves up but just behavior ourselves , that is why I said buy game currency is not cheating beheavior . 

The doctor in Guild Wars 2

Almost all games will give players a profession to choose that is saving or protect your allies , we call it doctor . In Guild Wars 2 , there is a profession whose job is same as the doctor , his name is guardian , you may not have large amount of guild wars 2 gold or great items but you must know a player who is a competent guardian .

In Guild Wars 2 now , the guardian is not the most popular choice and it is true we don’t need too many guardian actually , fighting is still the final aim of the game . But we need the guardian , the responsible guardian who can heal the team and protect the allies . Especially in the mission which requires high level . A guardian means a great protect weapon for everyone of the team . And the guardian will become popular for the events .

Unfortunately we just can’t take a friend guardian into our personal instance , because the guardian is really good use especially when team play . And as a guardian , you’d better know what you have to do in a team . Saving and protecting is the thing you need to do most . Also if you have enough gw2 gold , what you buy is protective stuff . I have tried guardian for some days , this is what I understand about guardian in Guild Wars 2